MotoGP. I’ll be in Jerez: Andrea Dovizioso is already in the gym [VIDEO] – MotoGP


Immediately to the gym to be ready for Jerez“. This is the post that accompanies the two short films published by Andrea Dovizioso from the Physiology Center of Forlì. Ducati’s bearer appeared in a black tank top with one showy dressing at left shoulder height, the one he was operated on on Sunday evening after the accident on the Faenza circuit, while participating in a stage of the Regional Motocross Championship.

Engaged between exercise bikes and bodyweight exercises aimed at recovering full mobility, the Dovi let some expression of suffering shine through. But within hours of surgery, it is more than normal, says those close to him, that there is some pain. And that same face he showed suffering also showed great determination and determination.

In Jerez the Forlì wants to be there and wants to be in the best possible shape, so as to dispel all Ducati’s doubts about the conditions of its renewal.

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