Mother deceased girl Marken: ‘Tamar left behind as an animal’ Inland


Boes searched for hours on the night Tamar was hit. “She had to go to bed at noon, but she didn’t want to. I didn’t budge and she remained angry and said I’m going out. I went after it, but I didn’t find her. It was dark. I did consider going to the dike, but I thought she would be too scared to walk that way. ”

“My daughter was left on the roadside like an animal, it is too much for words,” said Boes. “The perpetrator now has a grudge. I can’t save Tamar anymore and my life is broken. But I want justice. ”

Operational specialist at the police Ed Schildknegt also addressed the perpetrator at the table and explained that it is suspected that he or she drove away in panic: “We want to solve this, but we miss the most important puzzle pieces.”

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