More details on Iran’s fake ship exercise


After long months of construction, Iran has taken to sea the imaginary aircraft carrier they built in the port of Bender Abbas. As expected, the Iranians attacked the dummy with a wide range of missiles, rockets, drones and even raided it, with their message: We have the option of destroying a Nimitz aircraft carrier. What happened behind the scenes across the Persian Gulf was no less turbulent than the exercise itself.

As part of the exercise dubbed the “Great Prophet 14” the Iranians fired surface-to-surface missiles, rockets fired from the land and the speedboats of the Revolutionary Guards at the aircraft carrier and according to documentation also distributed anti-ship missile from the Bel 206 helicopter adapted by local industry.

In terms of documentation, it seems that this is only the first of a series of videos that the Iranians will release in the near future, because there were almost no damage to the dummy ship. The Iranians also showed off their naval commandos as they raided the ship. The message they seek to convey is clear, an alleged ability to raid US aircraft carriers and even destroy them. Apparently, as in similar exercises they have conducted in the past, its complete destruction will come at the end of the exercise.

The US tried to calm down with regard to the Iranian exercise and officially contented itself with statements such as “keep an eye open, this is irresponsible behavior”. However, it turns out that in contrast the US military actually put all its bases in the area on high alert.

After the parties exchanged several blows following the assassination of Qassem Suleimani, the U.S. military feared, among other things, that the Iranians would use the usual to launch missiles and drones at their bases in the Gulf. In particular, the giant al-D’Afra base in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and the al-Aided air base in Qatar, where the Central Command of the US Army Central Command is located.

This is despite the fact that the two bases are hundreds of kilometers away from the exercise area. “The alert lasted several minutes until the shooting ended and the threat was removed,” the U.S. military said.

Foreign media claim that several more unusual incidents took place during the Iranian shooting. In India, it was claimed that missiles fired by the Iranians landed near the base of al-Dafra where there were a number of Raphael aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

These are new planes purchased by the Indians and took off a few days ago from France. They stopped for a stopover in Bahrain, and just then three missiles landed near the base after being shot during the Iranian exercise, Indian sources told local media. The Indian Air Force stated that no casualties were recorded in the unusual incident and the planes will continue their flight to India as planned.

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