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Newborn baby (archive photo)
Monza, 11 July 2020 – “The transmission of Covid from mother to son during pregnancy may be possible “. They confirm it “heavy clues” emerged from two cases at the center of an Italian study, conducted on 31 women who gave birth between March and April, during the peak of the health emergency. He did it the State University of Milan with the Sacco hospital, the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia and the maternal-child department of the Mbbm Foundation at San Gerardo in Monza. The results were presented at the conference on Covid-19 during the AIDS 2020 congress. “There is a clear vertical transmission in the uterus and it is certainly true that the more symptomatic the woman, the more likely the transmission. In any case , the newborns tested positive, but not sick. ”

Professor of the Statale di Milano, Valeria Savasi, head of the obstetric and gynecological clinic of Sacco, in the curriculum also a study on the transmission of HIV from mother to fetus, coordinated the work of colleagues from other hospitals together with immunologists, anatomopathologists and microbiologists . Clinical activity in the ward was complemented by that of research in particular on patients with term pregnancy, with an average age of 32 years, with severe, medium or asymptomatic symptoms: 31 in all, including the patient’s wife 1.

«We have withdrawn biological material in positive Covid women, in newborns and in the placenta which was then sent to the Sacco laboratories for the detailed analysis “, explains Professor Patrizia Vergani, director of the obstetric area at San Gerardo. «The first child , born prematurely of a mother with a very severe Covid form, is swab positive for 7-10 days: both the placenta and the umbilical cord blood tested positive for the virus – explains Claudio Fenizia, researcher of the State University -. The second child, son of a mother with few symptoms, it was positivor to the swab for a few hours after birth and had a positive placenta: the most worrying thing is that he had developed IgM antibodies, therefore he must have been exposed directly to the virus, probably two weeks before. “Of the 31 new mothers, only one had milk positive to the virus. “So far we knew from the scientific literature that there had been cases with positive milk, as well as a placenta of a positive virus abortion and two newborns with antibodies, but our study is the first to draw a complete picture of the mother and baby conditions at the time of delivery, because in addition to the nasopharyngeal swabs, we collected maternal blood, umbilical cord blood, the placenta, amniotic fluid, vaginal swab and milk “.

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