Monica Setta, the bickering with Diaco and the background on her private life


Monica Setta was the protagonist of a small gaffe: the presenter of Family morning she was interviewed by her colleague Pierluigi Diaco during the program Me and yougoing into conflict with the reporter.

A few bars from the beginning of the interview, the two started to overwhelm slightly, thanks to their natural disposition to take the reins of a program: in fact, while Pierluigi was trying to formulate a question, Monica anticipated him, causing a slight annoyance in the eyes of the tenant.

“Do you want to lead ?!”, these are the words of Pierluigi, who with a smile launched the nice arrow to the interviewee. The latter promptly replied with an embarrassed “no”, continuing the conversation.

Their “bickering” went viral, so much so that on social media it was slightly magnified: many highlighted how Diaco hates being interrupted, while others focused on the fun side of the gaffe and on how so little was enough to make the conductor alter . After all, both Pierluigi and Monica are known to the public for having a strong character, thanks above all to their often pungent opinions.

Once the episode was over, the interview continued with compliments from the conductor to the Sect, due to his being very straightforward, despite having had different considerations from his colleague.

In this regard, when Monica explained that Auditel data is important to her, Pierluigi replied that for him, however, it is more important to connect with the public.

A very satisfying interview for Monica Setta, who has recently released other important revelations also to the weekly Who:

For a while I happened to think of a second child. It’s a thought I had while dating a wonderful man I met at Renata Ranieri’s house. I speak of a famous politician who, during our relationship, was the secretary of a very important leftist party.

For the first time, the reporter unveiled a important love story to the public and how this relationship marked an important phase in his life. Unfortunately, despite a flashback, Monica told how the story ended, leaving a huge void.

I thought it was the right time and instead just on that occasion he sent me a letter together with white flowers and a novel by Dai Sijie. In the letter he explained to me that for him it had never been love, but that he loved me and that he would always be there. A sincere, respectable and reliable man, but that I have never wanted to see since.

We just have to wish her the best, hoping to find her again in the next edition of One morning in the family, which has recently been ended with enormous success.

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