Monica Geuze about living together: ‘Yes, he’s just always with me’


The couple are continuously together, see each other as it were and have already spoken the first ‘I love you’. Is the couple already ready for the next step? That’s what friend Lizzy Perridon asks during a one-on-one moment with Monica in the car. “Yes, he’s just always with me,” says the vlogger. But whether Robbert will actually give up his house is not yet something they have talked about.

Still, the future looks bright and she sees herself living with him like that. “We are always talking about being very chilled that we are always in Vinkeveen. But I think I would move to Amsterdam sooner than he would come to Vinkeveen.”

Robbert is just as excited about the relationship as his girlfriend. “I am sure we are forever. I really love her very much and luckily she loves me too.” Living together is not the couple’s only future plan. Monica even talks about children in the video below.

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