Mongolia quarantines the region on the border with Russia – Libero Quotidiano


After the bats, the marmots worry. Mongolia has quarantined its western region, the one that it borders on Russia. Two cases of black plague linked to the consumption of groundhog meat generate the chaos. Health officials are talking about it two victims – as reported in the Moscow Times -, a 27 year old man and a young woman of unknown age. Both, according to laboratory tests conducted by the National Center of Mongolia for zoonotic disease (Nczd), have contracted the “plague of marmots” in the Khovd region.

Here the lockdown was arranged for the entire provincial capital and one of the districts of the region, about 500 kilometers south of the southern Siberian republics of Tyva and Altai. Meanwhile the i continue tight controls for the 146 people who had contact with the two victims.

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