Monday: Opportunity for promotion at work comes up



You have a strong need to break free from the cables you feel you are in. The commitments suffocate you and thus create an unbearable sense of burden. You should try and relax and neutralize the oppressive factors as much as possible without breaking all the tools.


The need to control and the desire to be at the center of things spoil you many times. Today you will have to admit (at least to yourself) that you completely exaggerated. Cold reactions, to say the least, that come from a spouse and friends may make you see things as they are.


The possibility of advancing in work is on the agenda. Personal motives lead you forward. In the morning there may be tension at home. Try to lead a move that will give expression to both your hidden fantasies and living space for others.


A forceful presentation of your demands simply will not work from the simple fact that it is contrary to your inner, soft and fragile essence. Try to drive according to your personal style and achieve more. Even though you are going through a somewhat frustrating day, the ability is in your hands to choose the level of difficulty you will experience.


Today you may find yourself in a boiling cauldron of interest unrelated to you at all. Too bad you interfere so deeply in the lives of others. As much as you try to help, you are the first casualty.


Today you are really not at your peak. It seems that you are not on the horse and everything is done at a pace not something. It is precisely when you let go of the stress, and things work out as if by themselves, that you begin to understand the meaning of the word ‘natural’ flow of things.


You are investing in your social life. The results speak for themselves. The feeling of family and ‘togetherness’ makes you in a particularly good mood. You feel protected and safe. This is exactly the approach you need to adopt most of the time.


Do not succumb to stressful situations that may arise. Behind-the-scenes activity creates an unpleasant atmosphere. Your search for social challenges may get you in trouble. Your need to satisfy others makes you mentally tired.


It’s time to put things on the table. Only when you dare to look at the truth, really straight in the eye, can you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from self-fulfillment. Keep to yourself the right and last word in decision making.


You adapt yourself to reality. It will take time for your personal and financial situation to calm down. The time limit given to you is a valuable gift. An initiative of a close person will lead you in a direction you did not think of before.


You have finally managed to reset yourself and you feel very relaxed. Your wonderful ability to bridge gaps between different people, helps you this time in the personal realm. You make important people approach you by removing barriers.


Energies of a secret nature are expected. You are overwhelmed with emotions and try to hide it but without success. Your spouse does not understand what you are going through. It is advisable that you first find out what is happening to you between you and yourself.

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