“MK Zohar neglects to run the coalition”


Clashes in the Likud are escalating: During the Likud faction meeting today (Monday), Knesset members attacked each other. A particularly prominent attack was recorded against the coalition’s chairman, MK Miki Zohar. Likud MKs, including Minister Gila Gamliel and Minister Zeev Elkin, attacked Miki Zohar over the way the coalition was run and claimed that it was creating internal conflicts.

Prime Minister Benjamin and Netanyahu and Miki Zohar replied to the MKs that they should maintain coalitional discipline.

Miki Zohar v. Israel Katz: “He is a finance minister who is detached from the people” // Photo: Knesset Channel

Environment Minister Gila Gamliel told Zohar: “As a veteran of the Knesset, I have never seen such conduct by a coalition chairman. Aliza (the faction leader) manages everything. While you ran your campaign for the global Likud leadership, you neglected to run the coalition.”

Zohar replied: “I apologize for winning. In any case, the faction was run very well despite my elections to the World Likud.” Regev tried to defend Zohar and said: “One should not refer to a person’s body,” while Gamliel stabbed her and said: “First you will start reaching the plenum and then we will talk.”

At the same time, MK Osnat Mark and Zohar attacked the chairman of the Corona committee, Yifat Shasha Bitton, in what appeared to be an ongoing attack since operating in the committee, contrary to the faction’s position, and approved the opening of the gyms.

As mentioned, this is not the first time that clashes have taken place within the Likud, with the past month appearing to be quite turbulent. In most confrontations, the chairman of the faction, Zohar, appears. During a discussion in the Knesset’s Finance Committee last week, the chairman of the coalition, MK Miki Zohar of the Likud, attacked the finance minister of his party, Minister Israel Katz.

Subsequently, in the face of a confrontation between the two, the Finance Committee went on to adjourn the hearing. Due to the heated argument that broke out between the two and the public manner in which it was conducted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned the coalition chairman and the finance minister for clarification in his office.

MK Miki Zohar referred during the discussion to the compensation ceiling that the law anchors for business, and demanded an increase. Due to this, the Minister of Finance told MK Zohar: “Your personal position, contrary to the Prime Minister’s position, and given that you have a cousin with a hall. One of the factors in the field told me, what is your urge, that you have a cousin with a hall. “MK Miki Zohar replied to Minister Katz:” I am sorry that as part of the Likud movement we have a finance minister cut off from the people, I regret it. ”

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Against the background of the crisis with Minister Katz and following remarks made by Minister Gila Gamliel in an interview with the 103fm radio station last week, MK Zohar wrote immediately after: “Recently I find myself investing too much of my time in various struggles with Likud faction members. It is clear that the wider the support I get from you, the members of the movement, the more forces within the movement stand up against me in order to overthrow me and especially to hurt the spirit of the Likud. ”

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