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Tamar Zandberg

Tamar ZandbergPhoto: Hezki Baruch

Following the testimonies that police did not act to stop the rioters in a demonstration in Tel Aviv, the chairman of the Meretz faction, MK Tamar Zandberg, today turned to DIP.

Zandberg demands to investigate the cooperation between the police and right-wing activists and to investigate in depth the events at last night’s scene.

In her letter, Zandberg wrote: “Documentation of last night’s events raises serious concerns that there is dangerous cooperation between law enforcement personnel and violent and dangerous lawbreakers.

In light of this, and out of genuine concern for public safety, I appeal to you to order an immediate investigation into the case, to examine the conduct of the police in the incident and to investigate why they did not fulfill the role for which they were sent to the area. .

Police today (Wednesday) arrested three suspects in connection with the attack on the demonstrators yesterday during a demonstration in Tel Aviv. The suspects were taken to the police station for questioning.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and the background and circumstances of the assault have been investigated. The demonstrator who was attacked yesterday who returned: “I was attacked by an organized group incited by the instigator sitting in Balfour. I approached the police asking them to stop the assailants and came across opacity. The police are here to protect the instigator sitting in Balfour.”


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