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Naftali Bennett

Naftali BennettPhoto: Kobi Richter / TPS

Former Defense Minister and right-wing chairman MK Naftali Bennett sharply criticizes the alternate prime minister’s decision and Defense Minister to freeze the order imposing criminal sanctions on Palestinian banks holding accounts of terrorists and their families receiving benefits from the Palestinian Authority.

. “During my time as Minister of Defense, I implemented a new order that prevents Palestinian banks from transferring salaries to terrorists or their families due to the murder of Israelis,” Bennett wrote.

He said, “The order I imposed was hugely successful. The banks did stop transferring salaries to terrorists. The Palestinians went berserk but I did not give up. When Gantz took office, the Palestinians pressed him hard and he immediately rejected the sanctions and now again.”

“Let there be no doubt: this is Netanyahu’s opinion. I say this out of knowledge. This is a terrible government that does not function in any area. I have run out of words,” Bennett said.

The abolition of sanctions allows the Palestinian Authority to transfer funds to terrorists through the banks and has caused a stir among bereaved families.

Bennett, sitting as defense minister, signed an order last February allowing seizure of property and terrorist money through banks. Following the order, the banks asked the Palestinian Authority to stop transferring the money through them.

The Defense Minister’s Office stated in response that the decision was made in light of the recommendations of all parties in the defense system and further to the work of the headquarters on the subject.

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