MK Mickey Zohar: ‘Open the economy or stop the mass demonstrations’


MK Miki Zohar sharply criticizes the demonstrations against the prime minister and says: Open the whole economy wide, including mass demonstrations full of free hatred – or immediately stop these “sponsored” demonstrations

28 people were arrested last night (Sunday) in mass demonstrations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which included violence against police. The non-compliance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health also stood out this time.

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The chairman of the coalition, MK Miki Zohar, sharply attacked the demonstrations and called on the government to stop the violent demonstrations of the prime minister’s opponents or, on the other hand, to allow the entire economy to open up.

“To approve, on the one hand, the existence of mass and unnecessary demonstrations that pose a health risk to all Israeli citizens and to close many businesses that maintain the guidelines for fear of being closed on the other hand – this is no less absurd,” Zohar wrote on his Facebook account.

He added: “The government must make a clear decision: to open the whole economy wide including mass demonstrations full of free hatred or to stop these sponsored demonstrations immediately just as they have decided to close many businesses.

“A time for action when the general public is against our interests and not the whims of the media and the left.”

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