MK Avidar attacked the deputy ombudsman: “This is how a dictatorship is created”; Nizri: We will not be deterred – political


Member of Knesset Eli Avidar (Yisrael Beiteinu) yesterday (Sunday) attacked Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri, claiming that he supported restrictions on the right to demonstrate. “A dictatorship is created when senior officials give up,” Avidar said at the hearing. ‘That you give us, we are constantly facing the government and blocking things that seem impossible to us from the point of view of the law. Shouts from all directions will not deter us. “Committee chairman Yaakov Asher said that Avidar’s remarks were” an attempt to intimidate officials, “and he was removed from the discussion.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit condemned Avidar’s remarks, calling them a “baseless and unfounded attack.” Mandelblit said that “Nizri is a veteran, professional and dedicated public servant who does his job faithfully to represent the positions of the political echelon within the boundaries of the law. There is no room for such personal attacks, and in any case such attacks will not divert legal advice to the government.”

The discussion in the Constitution Committee dealt with a law known as the “Great Corona Law,” which was intended to replace the Knesset’s emergency regulations for an extended period – until March 2021. During it, Avidar said the government wanted to prevent a public protest, and that Nizri had helped. “You have given a hand to the ban on people going to a demonstration from a restricted area, go to North Korea and ask people what they prefer, get infected with SARS or Corona, or go out to demonstrate. You cooperated with the GSS law and it is on your conscience,” he said. You are not a politician and do not need you here, you should be ashamed “, and claimed that the government has lost brakes” and senior officials are not raising ‘Ambrax’ “.

Nizri responded: “I do not speak for the government and do not set policy. My role in legal advice to the government is to help the government implement its policy and set the boundaries of the law.” He said, “We also stood on the issue of the right to demonstrate and we stand before the government and the ministers to ensure that the right to demonstrate is preserved. It is our duty and our role and we reminded them all the time that even in emergencies the government must not prevent demonstrations against it.” He added: “I have been here in the Knesset debates for almost ten years and they have never spoken to me like that.”

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