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Florence, 13 July 2020 – The web jungle threw up an investigation into mothers who enjoyed abuse of their children. Today, thanks to the usual investigators of the police post patrolling it, we discovered that the ‘gore’ proliferates in the web, the last horror frontier within reach of thirteen year old kids.

The work of the law enforcement agents does not stop online child pornography. It does not stop even after twenty searches scattered in half of Italy, after the denunciation of the mother of Viareggio. It does not stop because there are not only children, in the network of Telegram groups masked under apparently innocuous names but which instead conceal sequences of unimaginable crudeness.

But there is even more. The power of attorney of the Tuscan capital led by Antonio Sangermano also accuses the young suspects of “having instigated to commit more crimes of sexual and group violence”, using precisely the “systematic” diffusion of terrifying images of murders or suicides or of the equally aberrant universe of the ‘gore’.

This kind of video and photo, previously unknown to the general public, traceable only in the abyss of the dark web, is used, according to the investigators, “to enhance and instigate violence”, as well as “as a tool of sexual arousal” because “related to images of minors raped or intent on suffering or carrying out acts of a sexual nature “.
But in this “reserved and occult circuit focused on sexual violence, horror, death and abuse of minors, even at an early age”, there were very young people (even seven under 14 not attributable by law), but there are also adults, “against whom – reads the search decrees – the competent judicial authority proceeds”. They would be about fifteen, also scattered throughout the peninsula.

But how did one get into the “forbidden” group? An invitation was needed, a link that could be sent by anyone inside the channel created on the Telegram application (similar to Whatsapp, but more “protected”). The chat was “alive” until the day the searches started, ie at dawn on Wednesday.
But not everyone had the ‘stomach’ to stay inside. From the seized smartphones, in addition to the upload history of the many prohibited videos, the comments of those who did not feel “pleasure” for what was shared were also read.

“If you are looking for something else, go out”, “Nobody forces you to stay inside”, the answers. From the secret chat of the ‘gore’ some girls also passed, but they then abandoned. Unlike the attitude held by the mothers of the first shock investigation on child pornography: in that case the children were also used to produce material to be put on the market.

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