Ministry of Health: 1,437 new infections from yesterday in Corona


Morbidity in Corona in Israel: 1,437 new infections from yesterday – according to updated data published tonight (Sunday) by the Ministry of Health. The data also show that there are 254 patients in critical condition, 70 respirators, and 129 whose condition is defined as moderate. Number of victims: 409 people.

According to the ministry’s data, as of 18:47 tonight, so far 50,035 Israelis have been infected in Corona, and 28,037 are active patients. On the other hand, 21,589 recovered. Also, 2,931 health care workers are in isolation: 475 doctors, 799 nurses, and 1,657 in other professions.

Photo: Ministry of Health

In addition to all this, the ministry detailed the morbidity data in localities throughout the country. In Jerusalem, 8,478 infections were reported, in Bnei Brak there were 5,415 infections, and in Tel Aviv-Yafo – 2,944. According to the data, there are 1,700 infected in Ashdod, 1,329 in Beitar Illit and 1,272 in Beit Shemesh.

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Recall that the number of critically ill patients, who passed the 250 mark, is one of the “warning signs” presented by Prime Minister Netanyahu on May 4 when he announced his return to routine. At the same press conference, he stated that the limits would be reimbursed if the number of critically ill patients exceeds 250, the daily number of infected would be 100 (not in the disease centers), and doubling the number of infected every 10 days.

In the first two criteria, Israel has already crossed the same “red lines.” Currently, Israel insists on doubling the number of infected every 28 days.

A relatively encouraging figure is the percentage of positive tests, which stands at 5.7 – the second lowest in the last week. This is a day before the Knesset’s Corona Committee will decide whether to approve the restrictions imposed by the government last week.

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