Ministry of Education: Kindergartens will work full time, high school will teach in groups


The outline for the opening of the school year: Tonight (Thursday), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the summary of the head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben Shabbat, the Minister of Education, Yoav Galant, the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, and the Corona project, Prof. Roni Gamzo. And the summer activity of the Ministry of Education will continue in its current format (until fourth grade) until August 6.

It was announced earlier that the Ministry of Health had formulated a plan for returning to school on September 1, which it presented today (Thursday) to the Ministry of Education, from which it appears that the kindergartens will work fully, six days a week. Students in grades 1-3 will study at least five days a week and will have up to 18 students in a class. Fourth graders will study four days in school and another day of zoom learning, up to 18 students per class. Students from Thursday to Tuesday – one or two days a week.

Outline of the outline:

Kindergartens will work fully and normally.

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In the schools, 18 children will study in a study group in which each child sat at his or her own separate table.

Grades 1-2 will study five days a week at the school.

Fourth graders will study four days in school.

Fifth-twelfth graders will study for at least two days at the school, with priority given to the seventh and tenth grades coming more to the educational institutions.

Minister Galant was interviewed on Monday for “News 12” and addressed the crisis in the education system in the shadow of the spread of the corona virus. The Minister addressed the question of whether the schools of the Great Freedom will continue their regular activities, and also clarified what the ministry’s plans are regarding the opening of the next school year. “I tell the citizens of the State of Israel, the school year will open on September 1. We have a plan, I sat for long hours with the Minister of Finance, he is convinced and he is a partner in the matter. I also found partners in local government and teachers’ organizations. Galant promised.

Education Minister Yoav Galant in a statement at the end of Shavuot (Photo: screenshot)

He added that “I intend to bring the program in an orderly fashion, and it will be brought before the government. On September 1, kindergartens and schools will open, some in the form of distance learning.” On the subject of online learning, the minister said that he is making many efforts to make the necessary systems accessible so that there is access to the matter for every student in Israel, however, he stated that he can not commit to it, for the following reasons: “We are working on it in all seriousness. “The book and also in terms of content, so that it can be purchased anywhere, and also in terms of training for teachers and principals. This is a complex craft, we are talking about 2.5 million students and teachers.”

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