Ministry: corona test can be done anywhere within 24 hours


Anyone who wants to be tested for the coronavirus can return within 24 hours. The GGD has increased capacity everywhere after the hustle and bustle of recent days, says the Ministry of Health. Priority for healthcare personnel is then no longer necessary. The union argued for that.

The test streets attracted far fewer people than they could handle for weeks, but in recent days “there has been a spike in the number of applications,” the ministry acknowledges. Therefore, people with complaints reminiscent of the coronavirus sometimes had to wait longer than the maximum 48 hours prescribed in North Brabant and Zeeland.

Healthcare personnel

Some people who work in health care and residents of health care institutions, who can also be tested without complaints as a precaution, also joined the queue. The NU’91 union therefore urged priority. A healthcare worker is unable to get started pending the results, and the search for people to whom he or she may have passed on the virus is delayed.

The GGDs “had to scale up”, the ministry agrees. “That upscaling then also happened. The picture now is that everyone will have a test appointment within 24 hours.”

Busier than ever

In our province there are test streets in Arnhem, Ede, Nijmegen, Tiel, Apeldoorn and Zelhem. The GGD Gelderland-Midden announced on Friday that it was “busier than ever”. An extra street has already been opened in Arnhem.

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