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Minister Gila Gamliel

Minister Gila GamlielPhoto by Marc Israel Sellem/POOL/FLASH90

Energy Minister Gila Gamliel criticizes the conduct of her party members, led by the coalition’s chairman, MK Miki Zohar, due to the internal struggles that have been exposed in recent days.

“This is very uncharacteristic of us and I call for order. When running the coalition, the chairman of the coalition should see things in front of his eyes and stop, so that not every time we hear that he is firing people on TV or in the media,” said Minister Gamliel in an interview with The Morning World on the channel. 12. “It does not work that way. “Yesterday it reached the level of firing ministers, apparently people do not understand the situation.”

Gamliel warns that people from her party may see the deterioration of the internal struggle and the headlines it produces and intensify it. “It needs to be stopped,” she says.

On the question of the possibility that this indicates a weakening of Netanyahu’s power, Gamliel believes that “this is not related to the prime minister but to the conduct of the coalition leader.” When asked if MK Zohar is the right man in the right place, she preferred not to answer directly and said that it is not her job to decide on that and she only intends to criticize the conduct that is also correct in the daily routine of working in the Knesset. “I sincerely hope he Japanese it.”

Minister Gamliel’s remarks come after MK Zohar’s statement to Finance Minister Israel Katz, in which he argued that in light of his conduct, it should be considered whether it should remain in office. These words come after his call to fire MK Yifat Shasha-Bitton from her position as chair of the Corona Committee.

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