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Avi Nissenkorn

Avi NissenkornPhoto: Shlomi Amsalem, GPO

Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn this morning (Thursday) condemned in an interview with Network B the attack on the demonstrators in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, and claimed that it stemmed from the escalation of the discourse.

“The escalation could lead to further escalation,” the justice minister said. “Anyone who engages in extremism and violence on the right or left is wrong.”

“The right to demonstrate is a basic right – whoever goes out to demonstrate should not be harmed,” Nissenkorn noted, attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu. “The prime minister says things that should not be said.”

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice chose not to attack the creators of the “Netanyahu’s Last Supper” exhibition in Rabin Square: “This is not incitement to murder – this is an exhibition. I think it was not done in good taste.”

Nissenkorn rejected the claim that there was an unusual incitement against the prime minister, “The threshold of incitement is rising towards everyone, not just towards the prime minister. There is also extremism towards lawyers, one must be careful and keep one’s eyes open.”

The justice minister was also asked about the various publications about the judges’ conflicts of interest, and replied, “It’s hard to fight when people don’t want to hear the facts.”

“The president has decided that the judiciary’s website will display the judges’ conflicts of interest. They are interested in nothing. It is a campaign of de-legitimization – to discredit the judiciary,” he added.


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