Milik, Juventus press him, but another Italian appears! Possible plot twist


Arek Milik pressed by Juventus in view of the opening of the next market, but the possible twist.

Belongs to will say goodbye to Naples, as reported in today’s edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Pole never closed the door even at Milan, even if it is pressed by Juventus, who would like to give it to Sarri for next season. In black and white, however, the ’94 class could not have the certainty of playing as a titular player, while at Milanello he would have more chances to show off. It is therefore necessary to monitor the possible twists and turns in view of the opening of the summer transfer market session.

From his side, Napoli seems to have resigned himself to the idea of ​​losing the center forward at the end of this season, who is looking for a team willing to give him confidence and, above all, space and continuity. Milik will face Milan tomorrow, which could also represent his future. The Rossoneri and the Polish “sniff each other”, as the team writes, thus highlighting the mutual interest between the parties involved. Juve could guarantee him a higher engagement, but in Milan he would be assured of a leading position for the present and the future.

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