Milik, from Turin provoke: “He wants Juventus and we understand him! He doesn’t want to do Napoli a favor”


Massimo Pavan, journalist, in his editorial on took stock of Arek Milik’s position causing the Italian club.

Massimo Pavan, journalist, in his editorial on, took stock of Arek Milik’s position, leaving Naples, causing the Italian club:Arkadiusz Milik Juventus wants it and we understand it. The Pole has evidently understood that in black and white he could, on paper, get rid of the satisfactions and is pressing for a passage in black and white. There is no mention of renewing with Napoli and Milik has no intention of doing a favor to the Neapolitans who, in fact, by not renewing the contract expiring in 2021 previously made a serious error of assessment “.

It also adds: “Milik would already have a general agreement with Juventus and is waiting to understand if he will be able to formalize it for September, otherwise he will have to wait until June to wear the new shirt. In practice, Milik should remain stationary for 8 months, many, but not even a very long period, given that in January he could free himself with Juventus ready and willing to offer him an increased salary with what would be spared from the card “.

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