Milan, young man stabbed on a South American gang bus


A full-blown aggression that occurred late in the evening today at Milano. A gang made up of people of South American origin – one of those groups that is commonly called the “Latin gang” – stabbed a 23-year-old who is now hospitalized in San Raffaele.

The serious episode, specifically, took place in via Edoardo Bassini. After the incident that has affected a Bengali rose seller thrown into the docks in spite of himself, another episode of the news, another fact relevant to its drama, leaps to the headlines. In any case, this is certainly not the first time that a gang of Latinos has been talked about for facts of this type in the Lombard capital.

According to the first information collected, as also traced by The messenger, it is safe to say that the person attacked cannot be said to be out of danger. The attacked young man should be a foreigner. Apparently it comes from Central America. Everything happened near a public transport. Since the injuries sustained should be more than one, it is assumed that the stab wounds may have been multiple. We will have to see what the medical report and law enforcement investigations that are already underway will say. The attackers were far superior in number: the aforementioned source speaks of a gang made up of about ten members.

Milan thus becomes the theater of another violence. During today’s day, the commissioner Riccardo De Corato had placed an emphasis on the issue of security. And the events of this evening had not yet happened: ““How is it possible that a man was pushed into the Naviglio, Saturday night, in the crowded Darsena, the heart of the Milanese nightlife, without anyone intervening? This episode – athe regional councilor was thundered –, which took place without any reason, shows, once again, that the controls are non-existent. I am also worried that another attack in similar ways happened last week on the Navigli “.

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