Milan, a Bengali rose seller pushed by two young people in the Naviglio: nightmare attacks


The nightmare of unreasonable attacks on the Navigli in Milan returns. This time it was up to a 55-year-old rose seller from Bangladesh. Around 2.20, in via Gabriele D’Annunzio, near a bar on the Darsena, the man was pushed into the Naviglio by two young people of about 25 years, probably Italian, who then moved away on the Darsena still crowded with boys. The Bengali was helped by some passers-by to get out of the water and then refused the 118 health care.

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From what he told the police, then intervened on the spot, the 55-year-old was traveling the road next to the Naviglio when two people, without saying anything, pushed him into the water for no reason. The man has suffered no injuries and has not yet filed a complaint. Alessandro De Chirico, municipal councilor of Forza Italia intervened on the episode. «It is a very serious fact and highlights that in Milan the controls are non-existent. By now every evening of the week in the dock and on the Navigli there are gangs of boys who, having overcome the ethyl limit, face each other undisturbed with shots of bottles. The mayor asks fellow citizens to help, but it is his job to intensify the checks of the local police throughout the city ».

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What happened during the night brought to mind a series of attacks recorded last weekend, always in Milan is always in the Navigli area. To act, also on that occasion, young people of about 25 years, who between three in the morning and five in the morning attacked without any reason with several boys, trying to throw one into the water. All the unmotivated attacks that evening took place between viale Gabriele D’Annunzio and via via Bobbio, near the Porta Genova station. The Milanese nightlife has recently created public order problems even for more serious episodes.

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The last one dates back to just over a month ago, when between 5 and 6 June a 25-year-old Italian was seriously injured with 4 stab wounds in the chest and one in the groin in a fight between 5 people in Corso Garibaldi. A friend of his was wounded in the head. On that occasion, the 20-year-old son of an ultra chief was arrested, who then justified himself by declaring that he had attacked the 25-year-old in self-defense.

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