Mihajlovic: “A year ago leukemia. I never imagined I’d be here again”


Tomorrow his Bologna goes to Parma: “I am afraid of arbitrage, I am not comfortable with the Romans (directs Mariani). After Parma’s complaints, I hope not to suffer a questionable penalty … “

The Parma derby was born with the Covid case but Bologna is not scared. The team is ready to play to redeem the knockout immediately against Sassuolo. Mihajlovic, 364 days after the announcement of the illness, will not be on the bench to lead the red and blue for the disqualification remedied after the expulsion for protests last Wednesday. “I’ll be a fan, somewhere I’ll sit down and if I scream something I don’t think I can be expelled.” Then the memory of a difficult year: “On 11 July, that is yesterday, I learned of leukemia. It all started there. Then nobody would have imagined that today I would have been here to talk about football and the match against Parma. It’s been a shitty year that I hope will end as soon as possible. These empty stadiums are not football. To say Boskov: football without fans is like a woman without breasts “.

“There is no logic”

The return of Soriano who got the disqualification discount from the Court of Appeal yesterday is a reason for reflection out of the teeth. “Here, I would like to understand why I took a day after having told the referee and Soriano two at San Siro the other night for a” you’re poor “: where is the logic? We go to Parma and I am afraid of arbitrage, I am not comfortable with the Roman referees (directs Mariani). Parma complained during the week for a sensational penalty that they did not give him in the last game, I hope that we will not be the ones to pay the consequences by suffering a questionable one. If we have to lose on penalty I hope it is sunny, otherwise the mess will continue. I got off with the referee, I’m at the limit, it’s all year long that I endure, Dijks’s admonition was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There is no way that we are the team with the most yellow cards in Europe. That outburst means that I am really back even though I now try to control myself more. I didn’t set a good example for my players, in the end I also apologized to them. But only when we don’t take penalties and have zero yellow cards will I be able to think that everything is fine: I hope that Parma will end up like this ”.

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