Migrants, state of emergency on Ocean Viking: Italian medical team on board


Waiting for the indication of a port – It is now expected that the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese will indicate the port for the landing. Meanwhile, a doctor and a cultural mediator got on board, who remained on the ship for a couple of hours to assist the survivors, exhausted by the long wait. Among them, 44 people are in particularly critical conditions: especially for them the crew had requested a medical evacuation on Friday afternoon explaining that they are in a state of acute mental discomfort and that they have expressed their intention to do harm to themselves and others, including the crew members themselves.

“We need a port right away,” they said from the ship launching a call for help on Friday afternoon. at the time of the declaration of the state of emergency.

Since June 25, 180 people have been rescued at sea – The latest immigration tragedy begins on June 25 when Ocean Viking sees a wooden boat in difficulty off the coast of Lampedusa, which is immediately rescued: 51 people are thus rescued. An hour later the ship intercepts another boat, 40 miles south of the island, rescuing 67 other people. Four days later, on June 30, another 63 migrants were recovered who were on two drifting boats in the Sartese Sar area. In total 180 people, including 25 minors (17 unaccompanied) and two women, one of whom is five months pregnant. On 29 June there was a medical evacuation of a migrant: a man was brought ashore by a patrol boat of the Italian Coast Guard. Then, the silence of the authorities of Italy and Malta, with the ship of Sos MediterranĂ©e waiting for a response after the seven requests for assignment of the Pos, the safe harbor where to disembark.

Despair and anger on board – In the last hours the situation worsens, with Sos MediterranĂ©e denouncing the desperation of many migrants on board, until the declaration of the state of emergency after the suicide attempts, with two migrants who threw themselves overboard Thursday, fortunately recovered again in life from the rescue teams. Three others attempted to jump but were blocked by teammates and crew. Finally on Friday the volunteers rescued a man who tried to hang himself and quelled a fight among the people on board.

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