Migrants, Santelli warns the government: “Immediately the blockages at sea, I fear the collapse of tourism”


He does not want to make war on the government, but demands immediate answers. And convinced that I will have Jole Santelli, president of the Calabria Region, whose alarm cry has not gone unheeded: I am talking to Ministers Lamorgese and Boccia, with Hope: I count that they will follow our directions to avoid the disaster.
What are your requests?
For the immediate I ask that, as on the other hand already occurred during the lockdown, who arrives is subjected to quarantine or on the ships of requisitioned origin or on those of the Navy, not ashore. And, secondly, it is clear that a naval blockade is necessary: ​​what sense does it make to prevent flights from countries at risk and then allow entry to already sick people? And it must be done without waiting for Europe, it must be done and that’s it.
The sense not to save lives, given that these people come from the sea?
But the risk of life today for everyone, for us and for them. The state has a moral duty to protect those who have fought the virus, and now that it is succeeding, it is exposed to the risk of a very serious wave of return. There is no question of ideologies, there is no right or left on these things. We cannot be invaded.
how dramatic is the situation?
It can become so if you continue to underestimate the risk. Unfortunately I have to say, there has been a very confusing management, despite the fact that for months we governors of the most exposed regions had highlighted in various reports the danger of a Covid returning from Africa.
There is still talk of numbers contained in Calabria, the structures cannot manage them?
We have just had 60 people disembark, 28 of them positive, the rest will probably be in the next few days. And the beautiful weather, the calm sea, other boats may arrive. We absolutely cannot afford to reopen the Covid departments in the middle of summer and in the middle of the tourist season, it would be a disaster.
Do you fear a collapse of tourism?
Of course! I spent 350 million euros to relaunch tourism, and these people have been placed in structures and places that are of great attraction for holidaymakers like Roccella: what do we do, wait for the cancellations to arrive in August, to start all over again ?.
Are there risks to public order?
Of course, people are scared and angry. We have protests in the area, and I can understand the malaise, I can’t blame those who protest. With these numbers, we even risk raising the contagion index and going back to lockdown: we cannot allow it.
So what to do in the next few hours?
I am in constant contact with the government and I expect immediate measures from Conte, already in the next few hours. In Taranto we have the Marina, which wants us to move ships in our three ports of Roccella, Crotone and Corigliano ?.
What if he doesn’t get the answers he asks?
I’ll have to block the landings. I want to hope I don’t have to do it.

July 13, 2020 (change July 13, 2020 | 09:09)


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