Migrants, eight landings in Lampedusa and the Ionian Sea will land in Augusta. Third aid for Ocean Viking: 47 people drifting for 4 days


Eight mini-landings only today in Lampedusa, all from Tunisia, 114 people in total while the Ionian Sea, with 43 migrants on board, has been assigned by the Interior Ministry the port of landing of Augusta. And the Sos Mediterranée team rescued 47 other people on a wooden boat in the evening from four days south of Lampedusa but still in the Sar Maltese area. Now on Ocean Viking still waiting for a port there are 164 migrants. But there appear to be other boats at sea spotted by the Sea Watch rescue plane.A trend that confirms the numbers provided by the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese to the Schengen Committee there is one, in particular, that photographs the migratory flows towards Italy. Of the 175 landings that took place since the beginning of the year (which brought 5,456 people to our country), 148 were autonomous, therefore boats and barges arrived alone in Lampedusa, on the coasts of Sicily, Sardinia or Calabria, only 27 with humanitarian ships.

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The protocol for NGOs
From Africa, therefore, we continue to leave, whether there are NGOs lined up at sea or not, as was also evident from the landings during the lockdown when all the ships were stopped in the port. But it is in any case to a common European regulation on NGOs that the Interior Ministry aims, an “operational protocol” that will be “sent to all 27 countries for the overcoming of the principle of responsibility of the first port State and rules for private ships”, he said Lamorgese who also announced the resumption of the relocations to Europe of migrants landed in Italy in recent months.Relocations to Europe
Relocations increased 86 percent after the Malta agreement last September. Before that deal, only 85 people had been relocated. Now there are already 684 applicants transferred international protection and the European states have made available a total of about 1700 people, including France 705, Germany 698, Portugal 150, Ireland 43 and Spain 40. Today the resumption of the first transfers to France.

More special and subsidiary permits
Humanitarian protection abolished, subsidiary and special permits have risen in recent months. From 1st January to 12th June 2020 I am
21,144 decisions were taken by the Asylum Commissions: 2,268 recognized refugee status (11%), 1,907 subsidiary protection (9%) and 135 special protection (1%): refusals were 16,384 (79%) .

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