Migrants arrive by speedboat: “luxury landings” begin


One landing in the middle of the bathing area, what happened yesterday in theAgrigento with a dozen people of Tunisian origin. The fact happened in the late afternoon on the beach of the Dunes of San Leone, in the middle of a sunny day in which the bathers enjoyed the last moments of sunbathing. Suddenly the arrival of a speedboat from which the migrants have come down. Everyone disappeared in no time by hiding in the nearby grove where they got to change in an undisturbed way. Then the escape into the street.

Those on the beach immediately raised the alarm to the police who rushed to the scene in search of the Tunisians. The men from the Flying section of the police headquarters in Agrigento concentrated on the landing site and in the surrounding areas, while a patrol boat of the harbor master patrolled the area for further checks by sea. One of the Tunisians who arrived on the mainland also had the opportunity to go back on the motorboat to retrieve the forgotten backpack on the vehicle. Then he vanished to go change.

The research they never stopped, rather they continued throughout the night allowing six migrants to be stopped: four were blocked by the police and 2 by the carabinieri. Among the people who arrived there would also be two smugglers but there is still no precise information about their identity: the arrivals on the Agrigento coast are all Tunisians and this makes it even more difficult to distinguish the roles of each of them.

What is clear is that it was a landing of luxury: the Tunisians arrived with an expensive vehicle and kept in excellent condition. For such a trip, the amounts paid to criminal organizations are around a few thousand euros. And in fact it was not about migrants in economic difficulties, much more. The appearances would seem to indicate quite the opposite since, according to the testimonies given by the swimmers, all were well dressed and with designer clothes.

A landing very different from all the others – writes the environmental association Mareamico Agrigento –because of the means used: a fast inboard motorboat instead of the usual wooden boat, for the reduced number of migrants. A comfortable trip only for 10 non-EU citizens, and for how they were dressed. The clothing was very nice and the rescue equipment was brand new. “

Based on the methods of arrival, the means used and the whole context, including the apparent belonging to a higher social status, everything would seem to lead back to the Tunisian route that has in Bizerte the starting point. In this city located north of Tunisia the phenomenon of departures takes on particular characteristics. Not everyone can start from here but only those who have good financial resources available. This is because all the trips that start from this strategic point do not have Lampedusa as their destination but directly the coasts of Agrigento where, once you arrive, there is a greater chance of circumventing the controls and running away undisturbed to other destinations.

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