Middle East, Gaza fires three missiles at Israel


The Palestinians fired three rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, the Israeli army denounced without giving any indication of where they fell. There was no immediate Palestinian claim. Alarm sirens sounded in southern Israel but according to Israeli media, the Iron Dome defensive system did not fire for the first two rockets, indicating that the rockets were probably headed for an uninhabited area where they did no damage or caused wounded. The third missile, also according to Army sources, was instead intercepted by the Iron Dome system.

In response to the three rockets launched from Gaza, the Israeli air force hit Hamas positions in the Strip, Israeli military spokesman said that “underground infrastructure belonging to the Hamas terrorist group” was targeted during the response. Hamas – continued the military spokesman – “is responsible for every event that starts from the Strip and pays the consequences for actions against Israeli civilians”
In late June, Hamas had warned Israel that planning to annex part of the West Bank was tantamount to “a declaration of war”. In the following days, two rockets were fired from Gaza triggering the Israeli reaction against Hamas installations.

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