Mickey Zohar sent a letter of dismissal to Shasha-Bitton; The Likud demands Petro


After the threats: Coalition Chairman, MK Mickey glows (Likud) sent a letter today (Tuesday) to the MK Yifat Shasha-Bitton (Likud), in which he stated that he was removing her from her position as chairman of the Corona committee in the Knesset. Zohar also sent the letter to the chairman of the Blue and White faction, MK Eitan Ginzburg.

The letter states that: “Following the faction’s meeting, I would like to inform you that in light of your conduct and your absence from binding votes in the plenum in violation of the rules of coalition discipline, It has been decided to remove you from your position as Chairman of the Corona Committee“.

Letter of dismissal of MK Yifat Shasha Bitton (Photo: None)

This letter comes after a series of threats against Shasha-Bitton on behalf of senior Likud figures, among them even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Due to its holding in a hawkish position to that prevailing in the government in the context of the Corona directives and the imposition of closures.

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Now, The validity of the letter will be examined, since MK Zohar does not have the official authority to fire the committee chairman Without the approval of his coalition partners, the Blue and White Party, and of the Knesset committee, which, if it votes in favor of ousting Shasha-Bitton, will have to appoint a new chairman to the moshav.Maariv It was learned that an appeal had been made to the Knesset committee to discuss the removal of Shasha-Bitton.

MK Miki Zohar (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)MK Miki Zohar (Photo: Yonatan Zindel, Flash 90)

Zohar was criticized for this within his party, and MK Shlomo Karai (Likud) wrote the following on his Twitter account: “Mickey is acting falsely and manipulatively to promote the ‘Mickey Zohar Neto’ program. “The three captains: the power, the money and the respect he is trying to achieve, contrary to the Likud’s values, make him think. A little modesty will not hurt him.”

“He divides the Likud faction, hurts the Likud and the prime minister and should go home now,” Qarai added. “I will not allow him to harm my activities for the citizens of Israel.”

Glow may give Penalties

Earlier today it was reported that MK Zohar, as chairman of the coalition, Received approval from the Prime Minister to impose sanctions, Or in other words, punishments, for Knesset members who do not comply with the demands of coalition discipline. Among the penalties he imposed were: a ban on submitting bills until the end of the session, a ban on raising bills on the agenda and a charge for reaching the plenum.

The letter sent to MK Keren Barak (Photo: None)The letter sent to MK Keren Barak (Photo: None)

According to Zohar’s decision from today, the MKs who will not be able to submit bills by the end of the session are: MK Shlomo Karai, MK Keren Barak, MK Sharan Hashakel, MK Uzi Dayan and MK Avi Dichter. MK Michal Shir will not be allowed to submit legislation until the end of the session, nor will proposals for order. Ministers who will have to attend the plenum as part of their punishment: MK Amir Ohana, MK Israel Katz, MK Yoav Galant, MK Ofir Akunis and others “Eli Cohen.

The background to the storm

A source close to the prime minister said about two weeks ago that he had begun the dismissal proceedings of Shasha-Biton. The source referred to the rock of controversy between the Corona committee and the government, which caused outrage among senior Likud members, an interview given by the chairman of the Corona committee regarding the opening of gyms, saying that “gyms pose a real danger to public health.” The experts, so the government decided to close the gyms. ”

“Shasha-Bitton, in her refusal, encourages citizens not to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and not to make the decisions of the government,” another source close to the prime minister said. “This is irresponsible populism that will cost the lives of many citizens.” The coalition partner, the Blue and White Party, stated that they intend to oppose the removal. ”

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