Michal Shir v Netanyahu: “Calls on Netanyahu to reset himself”


Resistance from home: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu receives many criticisms of the way he is managing the corona crisis. But the voices of the opponents come from places closer and closer from home. After MK Yifat Shasha-Bitton and the Corona committee she heads, went against the government’s restrictions, and is expected to lose her position as a result.

In an interview with Channel 13, Shir sharply criticized Netanyahu’s crisis management: “The economic crisis that began in March has not been properly managed until now. Where is the orderly plan? I appreciate Netanyahu and thanks to him there is money in the country that can be dispersed, but no forward thinking. Netanyahu said so himself. “That they were remembered too late, four months people did not work, and it is fortunate that he corrected the grant program, because if not for any member of the right and left, he would not have approved it.”

“I call on my prime minister, reset yourself and start managing the crisis,” Shir said firmly. “The public demands this of us. Until now, Netanyahu has dealt with ‘plasters.’ Some have worked and some have not.” According to Shir Netanyahu, he has not yet commented on her remarks, but claimed that “Netanyahu respects opinions and criticizes. And it is important that criticism from home is heard.”

MK Shlomo Qara in response to the interview: “Joining the herd of anarchists at this time in defiant statements, ‘the prime minister needs to reset’, is like granting a divorce to the Likud and its values. This is a proven virtue. I also have criticism and I too am fighting for necessary changes for my taste, but in the appropriate framework and time. ”

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