Mes, the government is broken down and Italy is sinking


The match for how to get Italy back on its feet and above all who is going to do it is getting to the heart and never like today, in the great game of politics, little or nothing is as it appears officially. It is a game open to different solutions and for this reason nobody trusts anyone. Every day there is some skirmish, the ground is felt, one step forward and two backwards in an exhausting war of position made up of interviews, provocations and denials. Conte now plays for himself and that’s the only thing certain. For the Five Stars it is the game of life and they are the only ones without options among the participants: either keep this alliance or they all go home and goodbye revolution. Zingaretti plays to save his secretariat and keep the Democratic Party in the center of the field, Berlusconi plays to return to the pitch as a starter and Renzi plays to continue to exist as a political subject. Everyone plays with and against everyone and everyone plays to keep Salvini and Meloni out of the game, who at the moment can only hope for an accident that will send us back to vote as soon as possible (very remote hypothesis).

And then there is the referee Mattarella who is about to enter his end of term white semester, which could be an excuse to try to freeze the situation; There are ongoing talks to decide who will take his place and finally regional elections arrive that could ignite new tensions and change the balance within the alliances of both the center-right and the Giallorossi.

In short, there are many open questions, the only thing missing is time, if it is true (hopefully not) that in September the economic crisis will show all its violence and that Europe has patience, but not infinite for to know clearly and definitively whether Italy wants to access Community aid, starting from the Mes, or not, and what conditions it is willing to accept. In other words, we are in a state of fear paralysis, because the first one who misses a move leaves the game for the government to come. How long will the stall last? Logic says that you can’t go on that way much, but very few things have happened in this country for a long time.

So perhaps more than in logic we have to rely on the imagination, this yes to us Italians is not lacking.

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