Merkel “stupid”, Kim a genius: here are the thoughts of Donald Trump on the phone


Carl Bernstein shakes American politics again: one of the authors who in 1972 led to Watergate and therefore at the resignation of President Nixon, in the past few hours he signed a report on the CNN which is targeting Donald Trump’s phone calls to fellow heads of state or government over the past few years.

It would seem details but, as revealed by the Atlanta network investigation, some officials of the White House and other collaborators on the government team allegedly regarded the conversations of the US president as dangerous to national security. This is because, according to the testimonies reported by Bernstein, Trump would appear mild and respectful towards colleagues who are not exactly aligned, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He would often hear from the latter, more than from other presidents.

On the contrary, Trump would have been more aggressive towards officially allied leaders, such as Angela Merkel and the former British premier Theresa May. Insults were also addressed to the German chancellor, such as “stupid”, “weak” and “without courage” in relation to various dossiers faced by Washington and Berlin. Heavy criticisms, as mentioned, also of the former Downing Street tenant in London, but very harsh criticisms would not have been spared against the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Circumstances that may be surprising, but up to a certain point: Trump’s antipathy towards the head of the Canadian government has never been a mystery, just as criticisms of Angela Merkel in public have also been rare. Evidently the US president privately underlined what he often supported on social channels and in interviews. But this is precisely what has alarmed many of his collaborators, at least according to CNN: little diplomacy and little tact could jeopardize interests.

Furthermore, the testimonies collected by Carl Bernstein would reveal a Donald Trump clumsy on the phone on some topics, there are also those who would have defined many of his conversations “delusional”. As mentioned, the New York tycoon would be much calmer towards Erdogan and Putin. Trump has never hidden sympathy for the latter, both before and after the 2016 election campaign and despite the various investigations on Russiagate. So the behavior in this case too would not be surprising.

In his conversations, the current US president would not have been soft towards some of his predecessors, especially when he spoke with Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman. The same scenario is also the case in discussions with the North Korean president, Kim Jong Un: the latter, as expressed by Trump on the phone, would be considered by the number one of the White House a real “genius”.

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