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Practically all car manufacturers are increasingly focusing on electrification as the basis for the production of future models. However, developing fully electric cars is not always synonymous with having success guaranteed on the market. Mercedes knows about it, that after launching the EQC battery-powered SUV on the market, it had to deal with not too exciting sales-related numbers, which led the same German car manufacturer to some reflections.

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The issue was raised by Inge Speich, the head of Corporate Governance for Deka, the company that holds a minority stake in the Daimler group. According to what reported by Bloomberg, during a Daimler shareholders’ meeting the number one of Deka would have bitterly criticized the EQC SUV, calling it too expensive, boring to drive and launched on the market too late. Not even Ola Kallenius, the CEO of Daimler, seemed to be particularly satisfied with the success on the market, however he wanted to emphasize that the strategy of electrification of the range by the German group will proceed according to plan: the target is to be able to offer up to five electric models and over twenty plug-in hybrid models later this year. Nonetheless, an increasing effort will be needed to ensure that the EU’s CO2 requirements are met.

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However, by the end of next year Mercedes plans to launch two new models on the market that will expand the brand’s electrified range, such as the compact EQA and EQS sedan, with the latter that should guarantee an autonomy in fully electric mode of 700 kilometers on a single charge. The issue of autonomy is one of those that have most condemned the success of EQC on the market, added to the obstacle of the charging capacity. Two aspects on which the German house will have to work hard if it wants to deal with sales figures of its different electric models.

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