Memory of the deceased and thanks to the operators Nurse from Bergamo, honorary policewoman –


The State Police Corps in Piazza del Viminale in the presence of Prime Minister Conte will honor the victims of the pandemic and will thank all the operators who have worked to save the lives of all of us, including Enza Anemolo nurse of Habilita in Bergamo.

Sabat 11 July at 20.30 in Piazza del Viminale the State Police, with the musical band, will honor the memory of fellow citizens who died in the Covid19 pandemic and will thank on behalf of all the health personnel who with extraordinary dedication led an unparalleled battle.

«Thank you on behalf of everyone» is the title of the ceremony in the presence of the President of the Council of Ministers Giuseppe Conte and the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese. The Chief of Police – General Director of Public Security Franco Gabrielli. The Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi also attended the ceremony.

July 11, 1852 was born on Corps of Public Security Guards. Tonight – 168 years later – the Polizia di Stato wants to thank the health workers who with their extraordinary commitment and in turn paying a very high price, have saved many lives.

In memory of the victims of the pandemic and in particular those who worked on the front line to assist the population: health personnel, essential public services, law enforcement and among these the policemen Giorgio Guastamacchia, Maria Sparagana and Valter Capussotto.

After a brief intervention by the Health Director of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Francesco Vaia Institute, Luigi Cavanna, director of the Oncohaematology Department of the USL Company of Piacenza, and dr. Will be awarded the title of honorary policeman. Enza Anemolo, nurse and case manager at the San Donato Habilita in Osio Sotto in the province of Bergamo. This is an important recognition for the constant sharing of the values ​​of service, commitment and proximity to the citizen that characterize the State Police.

During the evening, the book “The health of the State Police at the time of the Coronavirus”, edited by the Central Health Directorate of the State Police whose operators shared the efforts of the epidemiological peak, will be presented. The text collects the documentary production that over the months has been necessary for the drafting of circulars and behavioral guidelines for police operators in order to contain the contagions and manage positive cases.

The Band will perform several pieces during the event, dedicating a moment to the unforgettable Maestro Ennio Morricone.

The concert will be trlive on Facebook and will see the extraordinary and generous participation of the master Claudio Baglioni, one of the Italian artists who has always promoted social values ​​and solidarity and the precious contribution of the great saxophonist Stefano di Battista.

The evening will end with the national anthem performed by the musical band and sung by Claudio Baglioni, while the Palazzo del Viminale will dress in the tricolor thanks to the intervention of ACEA and will remain so illuminated.


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