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                In the United States, protests against police violence continue in some cities.  In Portland, the federal government sent troops to end protests in federal court.  But the means used are today at the heart of a controversy.  Some local elected officials speak of methods worthy of dictatorships.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Washington,</em><strong>  Loubna Anaki</strong>

The videos are looped on American television. We see a protester with his arms in the air collapsing, seriously wounded in the head by a projectile coming from the troops posted in front of the federal court of Portland. Other footage shows masked, heavily armed, camouflage-clad federal agents picking up a protester on a Portland street and getting him into an unmarked car.

The mayor of the city denounced an abuse of power. ” People are literally picked up from the streets and thrown into vans without being told why, by people who do not identify themselves, said Ted Wheeler. It’s totally unconstitutional ! »

« Anarchists », selon Trump

Officially, these agents were sent by Washington to end the protests. But for the local authorities, their methods considered too violent only fuel tensions. They demand the withdrawal of these federal troops and accuse Donald Trump of using this situation for political ends.

The president maintains that without him chaos would reign in Portland. ” They are anarchists, and we took a tough stand against them, a affirmé Donald Trump. If we hadn’t done that, they would have lost control of Portland ».

On July 19, the mayor of Portland as well as the governor and elected officials of Oregon demanded the opening of an investigation and brought court proceedings to obtain the withdrawal of federal troops.

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