Maxime is already putting items from the clothing line on sale


On Instagram, the Meiliand scion announces that the ‘big summer sale’ has started and that her fans can now shop with a 50% discount. Which means that for a dress from the brand you do not deposit 109, but 54.50 euros.

It is not the first time that Maxime has put her line on sale, at the beginning of this month she also treated her followers with a 20% discount.

Maxime’s ‘self-designed’ clothing line has been under attack since its launch. Some items of clothing are also simply for sale via AliExpress. And for a much cheaper price too.

Maxime previously told RTL Boulevard that she designed part of her collection completely herself. On the other part, only minor adjustments would have been made. In the video below, Maxime provides more clarity about her ‘stolen’ clothing.

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