Maurice de Hond warned at the end of March that hundreds of people would die unnecessarily in health care institutions: “Shouldn’t you get angry?”


Opinion poll Maurice De Hond has caused quite a stir in recent months. He looks back on this eventful period. “I knew that hundreds of people would die unnecessarily in healthcare facilities. Shouldn’t you get angry?”

He thinks the one-and-a-half measures are “insane” and believes that the cabinet and RIVM have overlooked important issues in the corona crisis. De Hond did not hide his vision recently. He was seen a lot in television programs and tweeted about it.

Good ventilation

His biggest criticism is the spread of the virus. The Dog argues that the main source of infection is not the close contact between people. According to him, infection is not caused by large cough drops, as RIVM says, but by the smaller ones that float in the air. The so-called aerosols. That is why, according to De Hond, good ventilation in public buildings, catering and sports facilities is very important.

“Around March 20, I came to the conclusion, based on investigations, that the big blow in the healthcare institutions would be. You can prevent that by opening good ventilation and windows. I have sent emails to newspapers, to politicians and said: note that.”

The Dog is not afraid that the way he shares his opinion works against him: ‘Because before I was completely ignored’

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‘Keeping your distance is bullshit’

But according to De Hond, his warning was ignored. “Or they said, we spoke to an expert who says it is nonsense.” RIVM now recognizes the importance of the small drops, but still sees that the large cough drops cause the most infections. That is why keeping a distance is an important measure, something De Hond should not know about.

“It’s such a bullshit outside. RIVM has come up with results of the contact investigation. No one has been infected outside. We are going to force ourselves into a straitjacket outside by one and a half meters. It is really insane, unbelievable.”

“You’re a poll, not a scientist”

Maurice de Hond has been, to say the least, a lifelong person who does not shy away from publicity. He kicked up the Kok cabinet to prepare the country for the internet. He brought his own investigation into the Deventer murder case and tried to get controversial iPad schools off the ground.

And he is anything but silent in the corona crisis. But that also comes to criticism. “It is said, ‘you are a poll, not a scientist.'” Despite the criticism, he is determined to continue. “My grimness is because I think that authority should deserve authority. And therefore take action on facts.”

“I don’t accept it when people suffer damage”

“I know many authorities that I respect, but as soon as they act only on the basis of their authority and bother others, people who cannot resist it themselves, I revolt. Because those people suffer damage That’s something I don’t accept. “

“It touches me. We are darn in the biggest crisis after the Second World War, with enormous consequences: the unemployment we are going to get, the bankruptcies, what happens in families, the public health aspects that are large. In healthcare institutions 5,500 people have died, some of which is not COVID-19, but simply loneliness. “

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