Maurice de Hond considers his aerosol-corona theory proven again, now that people above 1.80 m become infected more often – daily news


Research has shown that persons aged 1.80 m and above are more often infected with the coronavirus. Although the cause has not yet been determined, Maurice de Hond is rightly confirmed with regard to the main sources of contamination for corona: large drops cannot fall up.

Meanwhile, the corona crisis has lasted almost six months, but there is still scientific controversy about how exactly the corona virus infects people. From new research conducted by English, American and Norwegian scientists, turns out that tall people are more likely to become infected with the virus. The reason for this needs to be investigated further.

But Maurice de Hond, who transformed from a poll to a corona researcher in 2020, sees cautious evidence that supports his contention about the infectivity of COVID-19. The Dog proclaims that it is not the large drops that infect most people, but the aerosols – small, light virus droplets that remain in the air for much longer. The Dog calls it “Unexpected Evidence” and states:

“People above 1.80 meters are more often infected.
Would be evidence for the smaller role of large droplets, which fall after all, and the larger role of aerosols. “

Nevertheless, agencies such as RIVM are very reluctant to adopt the theory about the aerosols, and the large drop theory is largely retained. The Dog has been several times been in debate with people from RIVM and OMT, but has not yet been able to convince them of his opinion.

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