Matteo Mutti, the 29-year-old poker champion died of coronavirus


He was unable to bluff with death. He tried to the end, playing his most important game without ever pulling back, changing the cards on the table, pretending to have in his hand the four aces that would allow him to win the hand and win the prize pool: a long and peaceful life in its mountains, next to parents, siblings, friends. But in the end he lost. Game over just 29 years old. He would have turned 30 in August. Matteo Mutti, home in Tirano, Valtellina, was a poker champion, not a professional, but one with a lot of talent. Polite, laid, never a word out of place. died Monday morning killed by complications of the coronavirus.

Matteo Mutti had already won many challenges in his life. In August last year the terrible diagnosis: leukemia. He hadn’t given up. Being treated at the San Matteo hospital in Pavia he fought like a lion, relatives say. Fate seemed to have given him the right papers when the compatible donor was found in January and underwent a bone marrow transplant. The parents always next, had taken an apartment near the Pavia hospital. Two months of hopes until he fell ill with Covid. Yet he gave the impression of having defeated yet another enemy, the last buffer was finally negative.

This was not the case, on April 16 the hospitalization in intensive care, irreparable damage to the lungs for the complications of the virus. Yesterday in Tirano the funeral was held in the parish church of San Martino. Many have joined Mother Franca, Father Francesco, the older brothers Stefano and Martino, the beloved grandchildren. The world of poker has also mourned him, real or virtual green tables, where the young champion had been able to establish himself internationally, capable of ringing important results. The victory in the Main Event of the 2016 Wsop international circuit in Campione d’Italia, the Main event of the Italian poker tour won in Nova Gorica in 2015, an Ipt title and a side Ept with 40 career flags: $ 300,000 brought to live home, not counting online successes.

On the poker circuit he was famous. Yet after a few months in London, he had returned to Valtellina where he worked in the pap fruit and vegetable shop, he had not mounted his head, conscientious, shy, reserved. Had he been in the palm of the situation, he would have won this battle too. We are sure, friends write on the pages of industry sites. He always had impeccable behavior and a word of comfort for everyone. This is why his disappearance leaves those who had known him in the various live circuits upset, the words that are repeated on the net. He always knew how to carve out his dominant position. It must have been for his almost two meters in height, his physical prowess, his sly but loyal gaze. Respect for opponents had been won, adds poker player Cesare Antonini.

Then the last excruciating months: For 70 days parents could not see it due to the strict rules imposed by the Covid emergency, which did not allow entry to the hospital. Matteo was sunny, selfless, a champion who loved life, the memory of his uncle Marco. Pap when i do you bring home? was the last sentence he said to me. I was holding his hand, he was intubated, yet he was trying to talk to me, nothing else can add Father Francesco.

July 2, 2020 | 08:46


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