match times do not change (for now)


Serie A (Getty Images)

The Serie A League has confirmed the match times for the weekend’s championship round, possible news in the next few days.

There League Serie A it doesn’t change, at least for now. The games of this weekend will be played at timetables now traditional after the restart: 5.15pm, 7.30pm and 9.45pm. The news will be postponed to the next days when all the races could be brought forward by half an hour to make sure that the last evening game does not close almost at midnight.

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Times that had also been chosen to cope with the summer heat and safeguard the players. Now, however, the Serie A League thinks of a change that could be introduced immediately and that was instead postponed. If it enters into force, the matches will play in these times: 4.45pm, 7pm and 9.45pm.

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