Match times change! Turin derby anticipated, only one ok left


Request Sky Sport to anticipate the times of Serie A matches by half an hour, already starting tomorrow. Instead from 17.15 the Turin derby could start at 16.45. But the other times would also change, all 30 minutes earlier. The 19.30 match would then be played at 19 and 21.45 at 21.15.MISSING AN OK – From the Serie A League there is maximum availability and in fact the ok has already arrived. But another is needed: that of the Assocalciatori, which today discusses it with the League itself to find a definitive agreement. Juventus-Turin can therefore be brought forward by half an hour and be played at 4.45 pm when it gets even hotter.

HOW MUCH CHANGE – Second The Gazzetta dello Sport, times may vary by 30 minutes for the Messenger even 45. In the latter case, the Turin derby would even start at 16.30.

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