master drops to 0.5 points, changes non-specific service


Substitutes for the two-year period 2020/21 and 2021/22: trade unions and the Ministry of Labor to update the provincial and institute rankings. Here are the drafts of the securities evaluation tables.

As indicated in the draft ordinance, the provincial rankings will be divided into two bands

The two bands of the provincial GPS rankings of substitutes

GPS will be distinguished in the first and second range.

The first for teachers holding the qualification (therefore also concerns teachers currently enrolled in the first school bracket)

The second for teachers in possession

  • of the qualification + 24 CFU or
  • previous insertion of the three-year period 2017/20
  • or qualification for another competition class or school grade.

They will be used for the assignment of substitutes on August 31 or June 30, remaining after scrolling the rankings until exhaustion.

The draft order

The drafts of the securities evaluation tables

They are distinguished by primary, secondary I and II degree, ITP, Support, Educational staff

Childhood and primary

GPS early childhood and primary DRAFT

GPS evaluable titles second band DRAFT

Secondary I and II degree

GPS first secondary band DRAFT

GPS II secondary band DRAFT


GPS first band ITP DRAFT

GPS second band ITP DRAFT


GPS second band DRAFT support

GPS support first band DRAFT

Educational staff

GPS first range Educational Staff Draft

GPS second band Educational Staff

Institute rankings

They will still be made up of first, second and third brackets and remain the responsibility of the School Managers, who use them for the provision of temporary substitutes (max. Last day of class).

The unions’ comments


UIL – The entire current system is upset.

  • Master: you go from a score of 3 points to 0.5 points;
  • The assessment of the national and professional scientific qualification of I and II band is introduced;
  • The evaluation of the “assignees” service is introduced;
  • The assessment for inclusion in the AFAM national rankings is introduced (points 12).

(Paths assessed excessively to the detriment of those who have been on the ranking for years).

SPECIFIC AND NON-SPECIFIC SERVICE: the non-specific service is no longer considered for all third class rankings, this will have serious repercussions on all rankings.


With regard to the specific competition classes of music-based 1st grade schools, musical high schools and choreographic high schools, the administration’s proposal provides for the abolition of the score relating to artistic qualifications. The UIL Scuola is against this solution as there will be a change in the positions of the teachers in the respective rankings which will also damage didactic continuity. Given the peculiarity of these teachings, it is necessary to maintain the current regulatory framework that provides for their evaluation.

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