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ASCOLI – The Bengali girl pregnant of five months, tested positive at Covid-19 together with his two countrymen residing in the same apartment in the center of San Benedetto, had gone a few days ago to the Madonna del Soccorso hospital in San Benedetto for a medical consultation.

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The news immediately aroused a lot of concern, so much so that yesterday morning the general management of Area 5 immediately ordered the buffer for 50 health workers and for 12 other pregnant women who visited the Madonna del Soccorso hospital during that period. And only in the late evening all those who underwent the test were able to breathe a sigh of relief: the tampons gave a negative result. He was uncertain, however, if on the day the Bengali went to the hospital she was already positive for the virus. Furthermore, the security measures, starting from the masks to the social distancing, have certainly affected the negative outcome of the tampons.

And mediators
The problem for the Asur inspectors is that of the reconstruction of the contacts made by the Bengalis from the day of the landing in Fiumicino coming from their country of origin to that of the tracing. They speak very little Italian and the information provided is rather vague. “For this reason – says the general director of the vast area, Cesare Milani – we asked for help from the linguistic mediators who can help us in translating their versions”.
Voluntary isolation
The ten Bengali (three of them positive) members of two families are now in solitary confinement in the apartment in the center of San Benedetto. The Bangladeshis, in fact, swear that they closed themselves in the house after hearing about the infections of their compatriots, but the inspectors believe little in this version. “On Friday – continues the health manager – we tried to transfer them to some facility, such as the Campofilone RSA, but we did not receive authorization. The Region replied that it is not a health emergency but a social emergency. And at the moment it is not possible to arrange them for a fee in some hotel in the area as it is in the height of the summer season ». On the other hand, after the infections occurred in the RSA of Cingoli, the Region could hardly have granted the authorization. Fortunately, the three infected Bengalis are well now and are followed by the inspectors of the prevention department.
Security measures
The litmus test will be known, however, in about ten days when the theoretical term of the incubation of the virus expires and if other people have come into contact with the Bengalis becoming infected. In the meantime, all safety provisions remain in force in the Mazzoni hospitals of Ascoli and Madonna del Soccorso in San Benedetto. Access to the wards is forbidden to relatives and visitors, as well as patients who must be hospitalized urgently must undergo the serological test and the examination of the swab. The measures adopted during the acute phase of the emergency have also been restored for healthcare personnel, which provide for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as FFP2 masks, visors, gloves and disposable gowns. Access to the two hospitals takes place, as in recent months, through the measurement of temperature through the use of thermo scanners and the use of a surgical mask. Also blocked the blocking of visits by pharmaceutical informants.

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