“Masks kill freedom and truth”


Forza Nuova blitz against the governor of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana. In the crosshairs of the far-right movement, which met in front of the junta’s palace, the anti-coronavirus measures decided by the governor.

The demonstrators showed some flags and then showed a banner with the inscription “the masks kill freedom and truth! Via Fontana per Alzano e le Rsa”, with a reference to the missed red zone in the Bergamasco and the massacre of the elderly in rest homes , on which investigations are underway by the judiciary.

“The governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana has extended the obligation to use a mask even outdoors until July 14, declaring that he still wanted to listen to phantom experts and virologists. We ask him if they are by chance those same experts who in the month of in March they advised him to move Covid patients to the RSA, thus causing contagion and the death of thousands of elderly people – they attacked from Forza Nuova in a statement – and with what other experts he would consult when he chose to allocate 21 million euro for the construction of the Covid hospital in Fiera? It turned out, as we had foreseen, a useless waste of money “.

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“The governor does not want to hear about these serious responsibilities, preferring to always download them to someone else. Embarrassing the rejection of accusations between him and the Prime Minister for the failure to set up the Red Zone of Alzano and Nembro, another non-choice that has caused thousands In these months of emergency, Governor Fontana has in fact distinguished himself only as a persecutor of the fundamental freedoms of the citizen, even going so far as to prohibit the walk within two hundred meters from home during the lockdown, and today prolonging the obligation of gagging for the mouths of exasperated citizens – continues the note of the movement – In this regard, we recommend Fontana to listen to more honest and credible experts and professionals, such as Professor Zangrillo who admitted that no one is hospitalized at San Raffaele in Milan in semi intensive care for two months now. But above all we leave this banner to ask him to step aside , thus assuming once and for all its responsibilities “.

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