Marotta’s offer to Cellino


Yesterday, on the PPTV channel, that is the Chinese TV of Suning, in the presentation of Inter-Brescia A photomontage of Conte dressed as a showman has been published, with a box of cards and a Tonali depicted as an ace coming out of the deck. “More than a market clue, it seems yet another confirmation of how much Tonali is present in the thoughts of the Inter world. He is the midfielder designated to become the leader of the future project and Inter will focus on his next efforts on the market “, confirms La Gazzetta dello Sport. Yesterday, however, the 2000 class did not provide a level performance, but the assist to Donnarumma was still appreciable, who wasted the potential 1-0 guest just before Young’s goal.

STALL PHASE – As Rosea reports, in the coming weeks Inter and Brescia will re-establish contacts to try to unlock the deal, which is now experiencing a stalemate. These days, Inter have had other priorities, like Hakimi on one side and the ‘defense’ for Lautaro from Barcelona’s attacks. For Tonali, the distance between demand – Cellino always asks for 50 million – and supply, to be narrowed, given that the Nerazzurri evaluate Tonali 30 million plus 5 bonus. Marotta and Ausilio think of a formula at Barella, that is, of a loan with a redemption obligation. Tonali, for his part, made it clear that he preferred Inter to Juventus, another great player, because in Milan he could find more space from the beginning. “This aspect, combined with Conte’s esteem and the club’s willingness to make it a pivot of the future, can make the difference. Tonali has chosen, now it’s up to Inter to find a way to sink the blow, “La Gazzetta says.

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