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Not later than a few days ago, Helmut Marko he had analyzed the performance of the Austrian Grand Prix, focusing on the power of the Mercedes engine, especially in qualifying mode. In the same discussion, the former Austrian driver had also spurred Honda to react and take some risks, even at the cost of facing penalties during the championship.

Also during the weekend of the Styrian Grand Prix, the Red Bull house adviser returned to the speech of the power units: “The start of the season was a nightmare for us. But we certainly do not intend to downsize our goals. Has been surprising to see how much power Mercedes has found in the winter. The way Hamilton overtook Albon early in the race was terrifying. But now it is so and we must understand how to get back on top in no time“.

Marko then wanted to defend the two appeals filed by Red Bull against Mercedes last weekend, one against DAS and one for penalizing Lewis Hamilton on the grid: “There is a world title at stake and we want equal treatment. Max was punished in Mexico for a similar episode last year. We have not been hard, but clarifications are necessary. We certainly won’t bow to Mercedes“. Conclusion of the interview granted to Bild on Ferrari prospects: “They came in second, but all teams with their power unit fell back between 0 ″ 8 and 1 ″. From here a clear conclusion can be drawn. They are strong enough to get out of this situation, but over the course of a season it’s complicated“.

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