Markets still in red: experts say that …


Still red on the markets, still a minus sign among the Old Continent’s price lists. A pressure that is felt, considerably weakened, even on Wall Street where the lists appear to lack specific directionality. At least according to the first few bars.

What is going on in the markets?

Markets still in red: experts say that international stock exchanges appear to be affected by some caution. Also because what is ending, and which actually ends today, is a semester that will be mentioned in the annals. And specifically, this last quarter was a record quarter. If for no other reason than the vertical collapse that led the longest running bull market in history to become the worst bear market in history. And it may not have ended here. In fact, in the USA, some economically crucial areas for the nation risk a new lockdown. In addition, sales on oil and purchases on the dollar continue to be recorded.

The shares to buy in Piazza Affari

Looking instead at what is happening in Piazza Affari, at -30.30 there was a -0.55%, the result of a fluctuation which also saw -1%. As for the shares to buy at Piazza Affari, Equita recommends A2a (target set at 1.68 euros), Astm (27.20 euros), Banca Ifis (12.10 euros), Eni (11 euros), FCA (9 , 90 euros), Intesa SanPaolo (2.20 euros) and Ubi Banca (2.30 euros). Specifically, Intesa SanPaolo also attracts the attention of Kepler Cheuvreux with a target of 2 euros.

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The shares to buy on Wall Street

As said on WalL Street, there is uncertainty about the future. And indirect confirmation comes from a buy rating on Clorox Co. (NYSE: CLX) the bleach company, with a $ 256 target set by DA Davidson. Promotion also for Crocs Inc. that Loop Capital moves from the previous hold to the current Buy with target increased to $ 40 from $ 22.

The most important events in the economic calendar

At set times, the economic calendar can be consulted to read the outcome of the published macroeconomic data. Among the important numbers to be mentioned today are those concerning the unemployment rate of Japan at 2.9% and the GDP of the first quarter of Spain (-5.2% as forecast) and Great Britain (-2.2% worse than the forecasts stopped at 2%). Consumer prices for Italy performed well, confirming the expected 0.1% in June.

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