Mario Zanni died, that of Bar Mario. “They haven’t felt for a long time” – Libero Quotidiano


Mourning for Luciano Ligabue: is dead Mario Zanni, the mythological owner of the Mario Bar by Correggio quoted in the homonymous song, in Some nights and still in Walter the magician The The tough have two hearts. A friend, for the singer from Reggio Emilia who used to take refuge in the club from the beginning, as generations of provincial children did, until late at night to drink and eat after rehearsals with friends, until with “the last rag at the counter “Mario did not send the customers to bed and closed the shop. Maximum reserve and silence (quite surprising) on ​​the social networks of the Emilian rock star, while Maria’s daughter confirmed that the two “had not felt for a long time”, even if the father has always had great affection for the singer who has seen him grow, still beardless.

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