Mario Adinolfi contested with a shower of condoms, as they “lynch” him in public in Naples – Libero Quotidiano


Horror against Mario Adinolfi, leader of the People of the Family, contested in Pomigliano d’Arco, in the province of Naples. The protesters contested him targeting him with a dense condom toss. Symbolic protest and horror: Adinolfi, in fact, is against the use of contraceptives. The leader of the People of the Family was expected in the Distillery room to present his latest book, so the violent contestation took place. For his part, Adinolfi branded the protesters as “fascists”. Already in recent days there had been controversy over the initiative. Relaunching the video on social media, Adinolfi commented: “The Corsera publishes the video of the attack with the throwing of objects and insults, 50 against 1, with carabinieri and police escorting me for access to the room where I presented Il Scido dei Penultimi. Had it happened in Luxuria or Saviano? You know the editorials … “, he concludes with bitter irony.

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